3D modeling, interior design and photo-realistic renderings for a house concept created by a design studio from Bucharest.

The images are part of a larger project for a residential complex of single family housing units in Bucharest. The renderings reflect the interior design concept of the living-room and dining area for one of these houses. The open space would be the heart of the house. It brings together a series of functions: the living and dining area with the stairs that lead to the bedrooms. It's also the first visual contact with the interior and this is why its design is so important and must convey to the guest a little about the style of the owner.

The concept was creating a minimalist interior, airy through the use of a few carefully selected furniture elements, in a way that would compliment the materials we chose for the finishing of the floors and walls. The idea was to bring to life a pleasant and relaxing living/dining area. This was made possible by using elements that aren't over the top, but in an equilibrium in terms of materials, textures and colors.

In the absence of physical boundaries the transition from the living area to the dining area is underlined through the materials used for the floors, walls and ceilings and through the difference between the vertical dimensions of the spaces. This difference inflicts a hierarchy upon the functions and the result is spectacular: the living-room is flooded by natural light.